Biometric Patient Identification

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RightPatient : patient identity management & data integrity solution

RightPatient® is the most advanced patient identity management and data integrity solution designed to ensure 100% patient identification accuracy, eliminate medical identity theft and healthcare fraud, and strengthen patient safety. This unique healthcare biometrics platform quickly and seamlessly interfaces with any electronic health record (EHR) platform and provides fast and accurate real time de-duplication to eliminate duplicate medical records and eliminate fraud. Using biometric identification management technology, RightPatient® ensures the right patient is identified every time.


RightPatient® is the industry’s most flexible and scalable biometric patient safety and patient data integrity system, supporting any form of biometrics, including fingerprint, finger vein, palm vein, iris, facial, and voice recognition. This unique patient identification system allows hospitals to instantly retrieve a patient’s medical record following a fast biometric scan. Interfaces already exist for various EHR systems, including Epic, Cerner, McKesson, Siemens, Meditech, CPSI and more.


Utilizing industry leading biometric matching technology, the M2SYS single sign-on (SSO) platform offers the ability to establish secure access in any setting including healthcare, financial services, government, retail, education, and other industries. Designed to provide Enterprise Password Management and Network Security Software with a seamless interface to Active Directory, this SSO solution Prevent accidental or corrupt data leakage and reduce costs by providing indisputable client side authentication, file encryption, and password automation with strong authentication. With an ever-increasing number of enterprise data security breaches and the increased pressure to implement methods of password management, identity management, data and network security, and two factor authentication has never been stronger.


The haring or theft of user passwords still remains the most popular reason that corporate data is compromised. The M2SYS Enterprise Biometrics Suite™ solves this problem by allowing businesses to implement a centralized biometric password management repository for single Sign-On (SSO) and secure access to applications and web sites. With convenient integration into Active Directory, password management with biometric authentication leaves the IT department in complete control.



How RightPatient biomatric works?


Patient Enrollment

Begin by enrolling your your patient while our system associates the captured biometric templates to the patient’s medical record number.


Record De-duplication

RightPatient performs a real-time “one-to-many” search during the biometric enrollment process to prevent the creation of any duplicate patient records.


Patient Identification

When a patient arrives to the hospital/clinic/physician office, a biometric scan is all that’s required to identify the patient and retrieve his/her medical record from within your EHR software.



Benefits of having biomatric solutions of RightPatient


Increase patient safety

Reliably access each patient’s complete medical history


Prevent duplicate medical records

Perform real-time biometric de-duplication during enrollment


Eliminate medical identity theft

Patients can only claim one identity after enrollment


Protect access to patient data

Verify patient identities prior to sensitive data requests


Improve the patient experience

Strengthen trust and brand equity with secure identification



Highlight of the Advantages of RightPatient


High performance

Superscalar multi-biometric matching system


Patented technology

Interfaces with multiple enterprise & third-party systems


Comprehensive identity platform

Spans all patient ID touch points


Innovative engineering

Dedicated team of scientific engineers and technologists


Award-winning track record

12 years of experience in biometrics and identity systems

Supported Biometric Devices








Tethered architecture using USB 2.0 connection. High speed simultaneous dual iris image capture at less than 0.3 sec, once the user is inside the operating range. Superior image quality from megapixel sensor, exceeding ISO 19794-6 specifications.







This “smart” finger scanner simultaneously captures a patient’s fingerprint and finger vein data with a single finger scan, making recognition with the M2-FuseID™ highly secure, accurate and reliable.









Uses a near-infrared light to create a “map” of a patient’s palm vein pattern. This unique pattern is used to perform highly accurate and secure biometric recognition. The hand guide perfectly positions patient hands over the sensor.





Portable patient authentication and data capture device. The handheld unit supports 2-finger fingerprint, iris, facial and audio capture, with wireless tethering to PCs, tablets and smartphones. Perfect for patient ID in the ER, at bedside, prior to medication delivery, or other areas where fast, convenient, and accurate authentication is critical.