With solutions in over 25 countries and 10,000 hospitals worldwide, 3M is the global leader in coding, classification, grouping, and performance management software and consulting services. Our customized software products and expert services facilitate accurate resource measurement, classification, and payment for patient care providers and payers with different languages, care standards, and healthcare system typologies.

1. Coding Solutions
3M™ Codefinder™ Software is a sophisticated, easy-to-learn tool for accurate, complete and compliant coding and grouping. 3M Codefinder is the only coding system in the world that provides over 100,000 logic pathways for coders connecting diagnoses with appropriate procedures. It has a knowledge base that insures comprehensive coding from a clinical point of view.
It is much more than just a computerized ICD book. 3M Codefinder includes all the coding rules and regulations and it is updated on a regular basis. 3M Codefinder combines a broad vocabulary of clinical terms and concept hierarchies. The system understands the entire context of patients’ condition and helps prevent the following types of coding errors:

  • Incomplete coding
  • Inconsistent coding
  • Inaccurate coding
  • Invalid (non-terminal or non-existent) codes
  • Nonspecific (NEC, NOS) codes
  • Excessive coding

2. Classification and Grouping Solutions
Patient classification schemes and diagnosis related groups (DRG) methodologies to classify patients in the appropriate categories for resource management, data analysis, budgeting and funding purposes. We support inpatient, ambulatory, and population management classifications that have incorporated severity- and risk-adjusted methodologies. We also provide solutions in different codes sets, such as ICD-10, ICD-9-CM, and country-specific diagnosis and procedure sets.
3MTMCore Grouping Solutions: 3M Core Grouping Software is a computerized application that sets a new standard for efficiency and effectively grouping and editing data for today’s healthcare providers, insurance companies, managed care companies, claims review companies, government agencies, and others,
The software assigns inpatient records to International Refined Diagnosis Related Groups (IR-DRGs), evaluates the accuracy and completeness of clinical data and identifies potential errors. Additionally, 3M Core Grouping Software supports the ambulatory IR-DRG classification system. The software evaluates the accuracy and completeness of clinical data, identifies potential errors and flags those errors.
3M Core Grouping can help you:

  • Assign IR-DRGs for both inpatient and ambulatory data
  • Review coding accuracy
  • Monitor and define the statistics file
  • Manage coding errors
  • Evaluate the coded patient record interactively
  • Assign severity of illness and risk of mortality levels to your inpatients
  • Assign medical intensity levels to your ambulatory patients

3. Performance Management Solutions
Software solutions for turning healthcare data into powerful information used for decision support process, including:

  • Measuring quality and performance indicators
  • Tracking data quality
  • Understanding impact analyses
  • Allocating resources based on case-mix characteristics
  • Benchmarking to compare efficiency and effectiveness in delivering healthcare services and achieve appropriate, expected outcomes

4. Healthcare Classification Consulting Services
Over 30 years of expertise in designing policies, methodologies, and software solutions for healthcare classification standards, payment, and wide-scale country reform implementation. Our services are designed for structuring healthcare reform, payments and, budgeting systems, and resource allocation strategies using case mix analysis, cost allocation, and classification system development methods.

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