PowerHealth Solutions


PowerHealth Solutions (PHS) is an Australian software development company specializing in business management, decision support, activity based costing & revenue and hospital billing for healthcare organisations. Operating solely in the healthcare industry with a wealth of experience and leading edge technology, PHS has consistently demonstrated its ability to successfully implement its systems in any setting.
The company aims to help healthcare organisations improve healthcare efficiency through modern technology. PHS products deliver a positive return on investment, regardless of organization size. In addition, PowerHealth Solutions is a dynamic and growing organization with a mature customer base in Australia and New Zealand, steady growth in the United States and England and has successfully entered Ireland, Hong Kong and the Middle East.
The company is ISO 9001:2008 certified (Certification Number QEC14045), with quality‐assured systems and processes. Through annual external audits, PHS consistently receives commendations on their excellent levels of process management, especially in systems development, delivery and support.

Products and Solutions

PHS Service Oriented Architecture and Web Services compatible solutions provide healthcare organizations with cost effective information technology that is essential to efficient operation and management of a modern healthcare enterprise.


  • PowerPerformance Manager (PPM)

PPM is a sophisticated and powerful system for calculating detailed patient level costs and actual revenue reimbursement under activity based funding. It efficiently delivers access to bottom-line results to monitor and manage business goals and informed decision making.


  • PowerBilling and Revenue Collection (PBRC)

PBRC is a fit-for-purpose patient billing solution designed exclusively for the healthcare industry, which eliminates the gaps in generic ERP and Financial systems. PBRC improves efficiency and reduces the high labour cost of the billing process, while at the same time providing the flexibility to rapidly respond to changes in business and service delivery models.


All PHS software solutions are designed to easily integrate to the wide variety of operational systems and range of technologies used in a modern hospital settings. PHS specializes in message‐based (HL7 and XML) application integration using a range of mainstream integration technology, including Infor Cloverleaf, Oracle JCAPS, Intersystems Ensemble. In addition, as well as data integration to consolidate diversified and intricate data sources into high quality intelligent business information.


PHS software solutions are backed by a full range of post implementation support services under a Service Level Agreement (SLA) that defines the services to be provided along with agreed performance metrics. Customers can log requests for support via the internet 24 x 7 using the PowerAssist web application to monitor the call progress at any time as well as viewing the full call history.

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