TIBCO is focused on leveraging and extending the capabilities of its software to help companies move toward predictive business: an exciting new way of doing business that lets companies anticipate customer needs, create opportunities and avoid potential problems. As the basis of the real-time movement of data across the enterprise, TIBCO’s software is uniquely capable of correlating information about a company’s operations and performance with information about expected behavior and business rules so they can anticipate and respond to threats and opportunities before they occur.
Most organizations are awash in data and events, processes and procedures, strategies and tactics. When you add customer and partner relationships, market forces and management policies to the mix it can be truly overwhelming. Compounding the problem, many organizations do business looking in a rear view mirror relying on periodic reports and crunching historical data to link results with causes, develop new promotions and resolve inefficiencies after the fact.
To compete in today’s increasingly fast-moving business environment, you must get ahead of the curve. You need the ability to identify developing situations and understand their potential impact, to alert the appropriate personnel and enable them to make a decision or take action, and to initiate necessary adaptation and effective responses as automatically and immediately as possible. That’s the essence of business optimization.
Business optimization enables you to recognize and act on opportunities to capture exceptional profit, proactively please customers and fix problems as quickly as they arise.


TIBCO can help organizations reap the rewards of business optimization with software that performs the following functions:
•    Collects, filters, and processes historical and real-time events and information.
•    Presents meaningful and actionable conclusions, options and interfaces to users.
•    Facilitates rapid change through the flexibility and reuse characteristic of service-oriented architecture.
•    Coordinates processes of all kinds and complexity across applications, platforms and organizations.


Business optimization helps employees perform their jobs better, helps managers more effectively identify and address threats and opportunities, and gives customers accurate and consistent information either directly on the web or through more aware and informed customer service representatives in a call center. Business optimization enables organizations to:
•    Reduce costs throughout the enterprise by increasing efficiency and productivity.
•    Improve business agility by more quickly identifying and addressing opportunities, problems and risks.
•    Increase customer awareness, satisfaction and retention by giving them more complete and direct access to information, and by proactively identifying ways of providing them with exceptional and even surprising service.
TIBCO is uniquely qualified to help organizations achieve business optimization success.
•    TIBCO has a rich history of aggregating, correlating, processing, and presenting events, information, and interactive interfaces to and from any application or information source running on any platform.
•    TIBCO’s integration and messaging software is widely recognized for its speed and scalability, and for fully distributed architecture that is ideal for service-oriented architecture (SOA).
•    TIBCO’s business process management (BPM) software is proven through 15 years of production use by over 500,000 users in over 800 installations.

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