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Enterprise Resource Planning

Modules: Financial Capital Management, Human Capital Management, Supply Chain Management, Assets Management Assets (Capital & Revenue), Materials, Human and Financial Capital are core enterprise resources that generate income and maintain going concern position of an organization. The sheer complexity in planning and managing these resources does in itself pose a challenge that commands much of management time and boardroom focus particularly within the healthcare domain.

Productivity, control and returns generated by these assets needs constant and dedicated analysis and management effort to ensure these scarce resources are optimally utilized, consistently. Controls and procedures definitions and adoption monitoring of the same consistently ensures that the path of the organization remains focused in ensuring patient care results in consistent positive outcomes.

GCI ExChequer suite is a highly structured and sophisticated compilation of applications and solutions built with the primal aim of ensuring, planning, analyzing, managing, controlling the scarce and valuable resources of the organization is seamless, highly visible and controlled.


Financial Capital Management

  • General Ledger

General Ledger module is an integral and seamless part of Exchequer Financial Systems. The entire suite design is driven by recognized international accounting standards and regulatory frameworks. Additional local requirements are easily adaptable thus making controls, governance and compliance built in features of the system

  • Highly scalable

Module is built with businesses of all sizes in mind. Small enterprises and large organizations can easily configure respective requirements to meet the needs of any entity

  • Transparent

Drill-downs to source documents, audit trails, quick views, etc

  • Analytical abilities

Search and analyze data and information with ease with in-build base financial business intelligence
User-friendly Easily import and export data and information thus making valuable data from external sources and dependable internal information to be flexibly used to maximize management information and decision. Easy and rapid speed at which external data can be imported into Exchequer promises a the comfort level to authorized users at all levels

  • Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable is another integral part of our Exchequer Financial System. The module is driven by exceptional control and audit trail mechanisms to enhance internal controls, avoid fraud, control payment methods and timing and provide an easy track of events performed within the entire Financial Suite.

The module is seamlessly integrated with Payables, Cash Management, Materials Management and Employee Self Help. This provides an integrated environment that enables and encourages in-depth controls, access to information, ease of data submission by employees and check and validation processes for purchasing activities as well as many more integral features.

Payables link to our Cash Management System allowing an effective management of payment cycle, methods and most importantly timing. Flexibly configurable authorization for payment enables organization to define respective controls requirements with little difficulty.

A seamless link with receivables enables effective relationship management in cases where vendors are also customers

  • Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable is an integral sub-module of the Exchequer Financial System. It is seamlessly integrated with myCARE Order Management, Billing and Invoicing (e-claims) modules.

Detailed analytics within the systems enabled by strong drill down features, data export features and configurable aging reporting views all consummate to provide unparalleled management information that helps drive better internal controls, cash flows and customer management

The Receivables module can also easily import order, billing and invoicing data from third party legacy systems.
Real time and seamless integrations with Cash Management, Accounts Payable and other Exchequer modules enables state-of-the-art cash management, laudable customer management and excellent management information that can help drive good revenue policies and receivable controls management

  • Cash Management

GCI’s Cash Management module enables effective control of cash that flows into the organization. The control mechanisms built in will enable proper recording of cash receipts, effective reconciliations on a daily basis and management of banking procedures. Non-cash transactions; credit cards, checks and all other recognized forms of payment within the organization are also effectively controlled and managed. This ensures all authorized best practices are fully adopted.

Appropriate segregation of duties, approval authorities, and management controls are easily configurable to enable the organization to effectively manage cash flows within the entity.

Bank Reconciliations are automated and can seamlessly link and download from bankers’ software; reducing the mundane efforts of performing manual reconciliations.

Quick and simple views, as required, are easily configurable. Extensions and integrated environments with the other Exchequer modules enable effective management of payable and receivable cash flows thus providing an exemplary environment for effective cash management and controls.

Human Capital Management

  • Personnel Management

Human Capital is of one of core enterprise resources that generate income and maintain going concern position of an organization. The sheer complexity in planning and managing these resources does in itself pose a challenge that commands much of management time and boardroom focus particularly within the healthcare domain.

Productivity, control and returns generated by these assets needs constant and dedicated analysis and management effort to ensure these scarce resources are optimally utilized, consistently. Controls and procedures definitions and adoption monitoring of the same consistently ensures that the path of the organization remains focused in ensuring patient care results in consistent positive outcomes.

GCI ExChequer suite is a highly structured and sophisticated compilation of applications and solutions built with the primal aim of ensuring, planning, analyzing, managing, controlling the scarce and valuable resources of the organization is seamless, highly visible and controlled.

n today’s competitive business world, an entity with aptly qualified and experienced resources has an edge over its competitors. Retaining resources takes up most of the boardroom discussion time. The Human Resource Management has evolved over the years to play an imperative role in the functioning of an organization. It assists the business unit to flawlessly manage its most important asset – Human Resource. Managing a company’s most valuable asset requires precision handling of all HR related activities.

ExChequer HR Module is designed to cater to every aspect of HR management. Its USP is that it is developed to handle right from the most simple to the most complex business requirements. There is a seamless integration of all employee related activities. This enables an organization to professionally manage their resources and trim down their administrative costs.

  • Payroll

One of the most challenging and daunting task for the HR department is the payroll related activities. It is a complex process that requires seamless integration of several activities like salary, allowance, deductions, increments, benefits, bonus, reimbursement, overtime, insurance, leave, to name a few. These activities if not performed flawlessly may earn the wrath of employees and also lead your entity to several unwarranted audit and other finance related issues.
ExChequer Payroll module caters to and automates your entire payroll processes. The comprehensive suite offers the flexibility to configure rules according to your organizational requirements. The user friendly navigation helps even the technologically immune employee to formulate payroll rules with great ease. ExChequer provides close integration with some modules like the payroll, attendance, leave management, to name a few.

  • Employee Self Help

The HR department of an organization spends considerable time and resource to handle employee requests that are predominately paper based. This is time consuming, and error prone. Providing help desk 24/7 to employees is simply proving an expensive factor for an organization. Automating self-help initiatives with instant online access to a growing number of services help an entity save time. This also enhances employee satisfaction.
ExChequer Employee Self Help module is a user friendly suite that supports employee self-service related activities. This web based suite flawlessly integrates with other modules of Human Resources.

Some of the features of this suite are

  • ­Provision for employees to view all personal data and update them directly, if needed
  • Access to company policy documents, hierarchical structure and company directory
  • Workflows for HR related transactions like Leave requests, conference room booking, transports requests, travel approval, request for any specialized training and seminars

Supply Chain Management

  • Planning & Purchasing

ExChequer PURCHASING enables organizations to streamline and standardize procurement activities. The module provides management with a birds’ eye view on whether the stipulated policies and procedures are adhered to by its buyers and asset custodians within the organization.

  • Integrated Environment

ExChequer PURCHASING operates within an integrated environment with other modules of the ExChequer suite. Internal requisitions, purchasing, supplier management, payment to inventory controls all function within a single platform enabling the organization to have a firm grip on one of the most difficult to manage business areas of the facility, and which can demand very high if not the highest level of organization working capital and resource requirements.

  • Supplier Intelligence & Smart Buying

Regularly updated supplier information enables organizations to make apt and timely buying decisions. This means managing carefully the delicate balancing act between buying at the right time and the right price from the right vendor while preventing organizational resources from being unnecessarily tied up. ExChequer PURCHASING allows the organization to maintain an elaborate and easily searchable product lines/supplier database, best terms and delivery conditions, seasonal offerings details, promptly capitalizing on discounted offerings, managing goods on consignment and free-goods, ease-of-view comparative statements and many more features. This makes ExChequer PURCHASING a system that meets the demands of today’s professional buying environment.

  • Controls

Comprehensively automated processes within ExChequer PURCHASING provides a sense of security and control that management can depend upon. Buying activities require stringent controls that will ensure policies and practices acceptable and within organizational norms. ExChequer PURCHASING allows the organization to flexibly define any policy, process or procedures it deems fit to manage the buying environment.

  • Domain friendly

ExChequer PURCHASING is built within flexible and parametric architecture that is based firmly on its ability to meet industry-specific demands of purchasing and its related activities.

Inventory / Warehousing / Logistics

  • Comprehensive Process Flow and Visibility Based System

ExChequer INVENTORY ably provides detailed view of status of all materials and its statuses. Ease of which process flows can be defined enables quick and easy view/visibility of materials within the organization. Where, when, how questions are easily answered enabling comprehensive control on materials and operational efficacy.

  • Attributes-based Inventory Concept

Creating and maintaining item catalogue can be a nightmare especially in the healthcare domain. With extensive and intimate know how of the needs and demands of the industry ExChequer INVENTORY is custom-built to meet these requirements flexibly.

  • Consignment Goods, Formularies, Project Based Materials etc…

Healthcare environment is inundated with complex goods and materials with as many process flow handling requirements. ExChequer INVENTORY is well-poised to handle any and all requirements with simple configurations of the system.

  • Cycle Counting, Audit Counts, Physical Inventory

Ad hoc, regular and consistent inventory monitoring and controls helps ensure that organization will not need to keep unnecessary levels of inventory. Apt and timely alerts and notifications on stock replenishments are easily facilitated when comprehensive visibility on materials is available. Ad hoc audit count features that allow for investigations and controls are also easily facilitated by the system especially if the organization acquires stores and uses high valued, high volume items. External auditing and reporting mandates physical inventory which is also facilitated comprehensively by the system features and functionalities

  • Seamless Integrations

ExChequer INVENTORY, as a default feature, seamlessly integrates to all other suites of GCI applications. These include, though not limited to, ExChequer FINANCIALS, myCARE BUSINESS OFFICE and CLINICAL SUITE

  • Plug-ins

ExChequer INVENTORY can easily incorporate, with ease, plug and play applications required to ensure inventory management and controls are practiced without much manual effort. Bar-coding, RFID, mobile hardware and applications, printers, scanners are typically some of the popular plug and play solutions that help ensure inventory management efforts are naturally blended within a defaulted-norm process.

Asset Management

  • Asset

ASSET, singularly the avenue where most resources of an organization are endowed upon and more often than not, directly attribute to revenue generation, is the lifeline to the going concern of any organization. Adequate and systematic effort in procuring, managing, maintaining and servicing and also monitoring its locations are core to any business activity. Automation of these processes will ensure that not only these assets are useable for its expected economic life but does not in any way affect the revenue generating capacity for which holding these assets were initially intended.

Asset Management module together with other seamlessly integrated ExChequer modules provide the ideal platform to manage, maintain, service, locate-manage and replace-plan the enterprises’ operational assets.

Managing asset-splits, related valuations, depreciation policies and calculations, maintenance scheduling and alerts, service logs, vendor details, job orders and monitoring are all part, if not whole, of the assets’ life cycle management activities that are recorded, maintained and alerted to management as appropriate.
The module provides a daily account and log of activities that require apt action so as to ensure that short and medium term operational efficacy and long term going concern of the organization is preserved

Seamless add-ins of value added services/tools/technologies are easily enabled. Bar-coding, RFID, mobile applications and hardware are all part and parcel of a total solution that Asset Management module is built on and based on ease plug-and-play concepts

  • Enable electronic access, entry , capture and processing environment to asset management within an organization
  • Recording and maintaining details of all Assets; Owned, Leased, and Depreciable, Non-Depreciable etc.
  • Maintain depreciation computations based on internal policies, tax laws, company laws, accounting policies etc.
  • Flexibly and easily record asset related transactions; splits, sale, disposals, write-offs, transfers, discards, retirements, revaluations, maintenance scheduling, logs alerts, and most any other domain specific information capture is possible
  • Systems driven compliance according to local, legal and regulatory requirements
  • Provide enviable MIS, reports, searches and drill down features and functionalities.
  • Seamless access to other modules; Asset Tracking, Financials, Purchases & Logistics
  • Systematic approach to procuring, using, upgrading of organization physical assets
  • Enhances knowledge of capital assets and carrying values
  • Established procedures and planning for investment decisions in capital assets
  • Provides a standard mechanism to ensure compliance to legal and accounting standards

Organization assets, especially when such items are of high value and are in high usage, needs optimal preventive care and regimented checks on its proper use and repairs. Not only such monitoring will ensure that the current assets being utilized are done at optimal levels; it will serve management in their decision making on future capital purchasing plans having sound and hand-on information of all types of assets in current use.

Salient features include

  • Preventive maintenance - the module maintains comprehensive log of all preventive maintenance that needs to be carried individually on all assets of the facility. Alerts are auto-generated as soon as the maintenance is due. Auto work orders generation can also be enabled. This will radically reduce equipment down time and provide enhanced levels of ROI on all organization assets
  • Scheduling - assets that require maintenance are aptly planned and scheduled for the same with minimal interruption to its use and operations impact. With scheduling closely integrated with preventive logs, operation efficacies and efficiently are optimized whilst ensuring that assets are kept at optimal use at all times
  • History - full and detailed level of all incidences, transactions and logs relating to all assets and sub-assets are maintained for ease of operational references and future asset purchasing/ capital budgeting purposes
  • Warranty tracking - ease of tracking to ensure the optimization of warranty of all assets and sub-assets.


  • Efficient tracking and monitoring human resource data. This helps in enhanced resource utilisation
  • Build central HR database that can handle exponential growth prospects
  • Maintain global standards and at the same time comply with local law and business regulations
  • Implement biometrics attendance system for efficient time reporting. Flawlessly integrates with any other legacy system
  • Streamline recruitment processes thereby effectively cutting down on time and resources handling the process
  • Maintain a central skill pool database. Analyse and group workforce skill set to help plan future projects
  • Ability to generate general and customized reports at macro and micro level
  • Optimize employee contribution and align them with organizational needs
  • Employee profile – Maintaining a vast database of all employee related payroll information
  • Leave Management information – Defines leave types and rules. Captures monthly/ yearly carry forward details. Provision to generate MIS reports
  • Time Management data – effectively captures all time related data like overtime details, late coming, travel on duty. Flawless incorporation of manual attendance done by employees. Reports can be generated at the micro and macro level
  • Transfers, Promotions and increment – Provision to capture any transfer detail of employee whether within shifts, department or branches. Employee profile and salary details automatically updates in case of Promotions and increments
  • HRD related procedures – Provision to handle complicated HRD procedures such as Final settlement, superannuation, tax calculation, etc.


“Enterprise Resource Planning”

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