Health I.T. Adoption


The Breakway Method TM

The Breakaway MethodTM provides a solution that incorporates robust functionality for leaders and end users well before and well beyond go live. We help create a viable support network within each organization, provide executive messaging, go live resources, learning and learning assessments, a unique online learning community and more, all in keeping with our mission to help healthcare professionals adopt new software applications faster and more effectively than ever imagined.

Engaged Leadership

Engaged Leadership

Engaged Leadership is the insight, will, and ability of leaders to govern and continuously inspire the team to achieve the Performance Metrics. Research indicates that engaged leadership is a fundamental factor required to properly fuel the effort to attain and sustain proficiency. The Breakaway Method includes numerous products and services that facilitate this critical component for you.
Our team works closely with your leaders to develop an effective communication strategy from scratch. We deliver a robust and sustainable internal support network made up of your best people. Our Engagement Managers will keep your leaders informed with scheduled status summaries that pinpoint areas of concern so you can focus your energy on making the critical decisions that ensure long-term adoption of technology.

Speed to proficiency

The Breakaway Method’s Speed to Proficiency component helps you attain proficiency faster than you’ve ever imagined through organization-specific training materials, task-based simulators, keyword-searchable reference guides, and virtual coaching build precisely around your workflow.
Your end-user training experienced centers around PromisePoint, a customized online community built to support the process of achieving and sustaining adoption, providing a learning experience personalized for each learner. Accurate training simulators expedite the learning process through a blend of demonstration, practice and evaluation, and are complemented by Quick Reference Guides and proctored learning labs when appropriate. Every client’s special needs are accommodated including making supplemental resources available on demand, supporting hybrid training solutions, and supporting today’s latest technologies common in the world of Healthcare.


How do you know when you’ve attained proficiency? Where are the gaps? How do you know where you are today? The Breakaway Method’s Performance Metrics component provides extensive metrics designed to measure end-user adoption at every stage before and after go-live, and put it in terms that connect directly to the expected business outcomes.
The Breakaway Method includes a systematic certification process, and measured adoption demonstrated with hard data. How ready is your organization, and how engaged is your leadership? Our assessments reveal the reality within your organization and help you pinpoint areas of strength and weakness, while our process ensures weaknesses are remedied.
Our metrics will ensure you are aware of the state of adoption within your organization in sufficient detail before and after Go Live and for years to come, so that effort can be tailored precisely to ensure adoption is guaranteed.


Go Live is merely the starting point for the real long-term process of adoption. Your organization’s world is continuously changing: employee turnover, expansions, software updates, and evolving workflows. Proficiency erodes over time if you don’t have processes in place to sustain it.
Inherent in the Breakaway Method is Adoption Sustainment, processes that ensure you attain proficiency not only on day one, but sustain it throughout the life of the application.
Breakaway helps ensure you achieve the highest level of adoption for years to come through continued maintenance of your courses, ensuring they stay current as workflows and technology evolve. We maintain your internal support network and the PromisePoint online community that integrates the learning experience. Your end-user are periodically tested and refreshed as needed to ensure adoption is sustained. Stay informed about the state of adoption in your organization with quarterly and annual reports.


Health I.T. Adoption