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Hospedia is the world’s leading expert in point of care systems for healthcare, delivering Patient Media, Patient engagement and Clinical Workflow at the bedside of over 70,000 Patients a day in more than 160 hospitals worldwide. We are also the UK’s primary provider of Patient Flow Management software to over 40 healthcare sites.

Our solutions serve over 10m patients, 5m visitors and 500k healthcare staff each year, providing unparalleled interaction with stakeholders from frontline staff to government and commercial enterprises.

Hospedia’s solutions are designed specifically to meet market needs – delivering patient – centered care, reducing average length of stay, supporting paperless initiatives, and enabling big data and analytics – through seamless integration into the healthcare IT ecosystem. These solutions have been independently assessed by Deloitte.

Patient Media

Entertainment, Communication, Connectivity

Delivering Patient Media is the first step in providing a point of care service that engages patients through Hospedia’s Patient Centered Care Platform. Engaged and entertained patients support smoother day-to-day hospital processes – enhancing operational efficiency and promoting faster recovery.

Patient Centered Care Platform offers full entertainment and communication services at the patient bedside, through hardware and software designed specifically for the healthcare environment. Patients benefit from access to an easy-to-use intuitive system, which provides them with communication, connectivity and entertainment at their bedside, relieving some of the stress and boredom of the hospital stay.

This solution is designed to deliver patient media services in areas of the hospital where fixed bedside units may not be appropriate due to unit structure and patient needs; low usage units for example, or where temporary bed areas make permanent bedside devices unviable. It delivers all the functionality patients enjoy through the fixed bedside with the added benefit of being deployable to a wider range of patients

Clinical Workflow

Hospedia’s Clinical Workflow solutions provide hospitals with access to the fundamental IT systems, right at the point of care. Clinical staff can access a wide range of hospital applications at the patient bedside, through browser applications or complete virtualized desktops, providing decision-making information in the care environment. Because the Hospedia platform is fully managed, network attached and always on, there’s no concern over locating, charging or managing individual devices.

Hospedia’s Mobile Clinical Solution provides all the benefits of our patient flow solutions on mobile devices. In addition, Hospedia’s Mobile Medic is a customized smartphone application that supports hospital staff in sharing information about the patient needs in real time. Particularly suited to the “Hospital at Night” working model, Mobile Medic allows frontline staff to raise calls about needs, track the progress of the call and update information as it changes.

Through the power of Hospedia’s Patient Flow Management solutions, hospitals can save money, improve patient care, improve bed management, reduce length-of-stay and release staff time throughout the healthcare economy in real time. From acute settings to emergency departments, mental health and community care settings, hospital staff can manage patient activity from pre-admission to post-discharge-including referrals, handover notes and patient status.

Patient Engagement

Hospedia’s Feedback solutions give hospitals the opportunity to produce in-patient surveys, publish them immediately, and gather and report on the information in real time. The importance of patient feedback in healthcare cannot be overstated, whether it’s a patient satisfaction survey, instant site polling, or tracking patient perceptions of catering of hand hygiene, these surveys are published on the bedside platform.

Hospedia’s Facilities solutions, Meal Ordering and Menu Display, Provide catering teams with the tools to deliver information-rich menus to patients, target menus based on individual patient needs, increase patient choice, reduce wastage and promote “eating for health”. Specialized Catering Feedback solutions allow hospitals to track hydration plate waste and overall patient satisfaction.

The Hospedia’s Platform provides a way for hospitals and other healthcare stakeholders to communicate directly with patients, individually or through defined patient demographics. A variety of formats provide a tailored approach; link onscreen advertisements to appropriate web pages, or create a direct dial that uses the bedside telephone to make a call to the applicable service-smoking cessation, chaplaincy or housekeeping, for example.

Delivering educational materials to patients in simple and cost-effective through Hospedia’s multimedia bedside platform, reducing paper waste and ensuring patients have access to the most up to date health information available. Video content, targeted messaging and a robust index of verified medical information are all available to be transmitted directly to individual patients, based on their needs

Patient Engagement


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