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It started off with a simple idea: there had to be an easier way to record employee time transactions. And then one innovation led to another and that idea grew into something we now call workforce management.

What does that really mean? Plainly put, we help organizations across a variety of industries manage their most valuable, and expensive, strategic asset — their workforce.

How? By giving them the tools they need to help them control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity. The easy-to-own workforce management solutions from Kronos make complete automation and high-quality information a reality. And it’s all delivered with exceptional service, for the experience you expect.

We take the complexities involved with recording time and attendance transactions, scheduling diverse workforces, and managing employee absence and we simplify them. We streamline HR and payroll processes. We help organizations hire the best people and make smarter decisions. And with thousands of installations in organizations of all sizes — including over half the Fortune 1000® — we’re proving workforce management doesn’t have to be so hard.


Time & Attendance:

Kronos makes easy work of the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. Our time-tracking software, working in tandem with our data collection devices, helps you control your labor costs, manage compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity without breaking a sweat.

Paper timesheets just don’t cut it anymore. Automating with a time and attendance system, like Workforce Timekeeper™, reduces the risks of errors and payroll inflation common to manual processes. Our time-tracking software:

  • Workforce Timekeeper
  • Kronos iSeries Timekeeper
  • Kronos Essentials™
  • webTA™ for the federal government

Time clocks can’t capture the employee data you need for controlling costs. Instead, rely on badge and biometric terminals, and telephone and handheld devices to put power behind your time management solution.

  • Data Collection

Devices Look beyond labor. Kronos Workforce Activities™ gives you the latest and most detailed labor activity tracking data. With the right information at your fingertips, you gain the power to make truly effective, knowledge-based decisions before your bottom line is at risk.

  • Workforce Activities™
  • Kronos iSeries

Activities Scheduling:

Trying to guess the correct number of employees needed to cover a shift or the best worker to fill an open shift is rife with complications, from out-of-control labor costs to increased compliance risk to an unproductive workforce due to overstaffing. Let Kronos labor forecasting and scheduling solutions help you do away with the guesswork and give you the tools you need for an optimized workforce deployment.

An accurate schedule starts with an accurate forecast. Workforce Forecast Manager analyzes your business drivers to produce an accurate forecast down to 15 minute intervals. Seasonal variations, events, and current trends are consistently accounted for to provide you with the insight you need to predict your labor needs. Our labor forecasting software:

  • Workforce Forecast Manager

A crystal ball is not the right tool for scheduling a large, complex workforce. It can’t help you plan schedules accurately or execute them consistently — and it certainly can’t alleviate the time burden or chance for error that might come when managers try to do it themselves. Instead, go for the employee scheduling solutions from Kronos – the right tools for the job. Our employee scheduling software:

  • Workforce Scheduler
  • Kronos iSeries Scheduler
  • AD OPT for the airline industry
  • Kronos TeleStaff

Absence Management:

Employee absence can cost an organization the equivalent of 35 percent of its payroll (Mercer, 2010). So it’s critical to manage planned and unplanned absences as well as extended leave such as FMLA. Not to mention sick time, late arrivals, early departures, and extended breaks.

The good news is that absenteeism, together with its effects on productivity can be controlled, when you use the fully automated, easy-to-own absence management solution from Kronos®. And you can reduce the administrative headaches and compliance risk associated with FMLA and other federal, state, and local leave laws.

The Kronos Workforce Absence Manager™ solution helps you automate and streamline the application of your attendance and leave policies — no matter how complex. So you can enforce your rules consistently. And control the costs, risks, and productivity effects associated with employee absence. Explore Kronos absence management software:

  • Workforce Absence Manager
  • Kronos iSeries Absence Manager

HR and Payroll:

Workforce HR™ and Workforce Payroll™ help you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, improve productivity, and manage talent with ease. Let us show you how.

Spend less time on paperwork and more time supporting your organization’s strategic objectives. With Workforce HR, you have a single-source solution that offers you complete automation for employee data — and reduces unnecessary errors, time, and costs.

  • Workforce HR™

Add control and flexibility back into your payroll process. With Workforce Payroll, you can put an end to service bureau fees, and get payroll right the first time. Through intuitive self-service, you can also save time and money — all while empowering your workforce and increasing employee satisfaction.

  • Workforce Payroll™

Talent Management and Hiring Solutions:

Workforce Talent Acquisition™ offers a single unified platform with powerful solutions for both high-volume hiring and salaried recruiting. Combining industry-leading automation and employee selection tools with smart, friendly technology that creates an easy-to-understand user experience.

Source, screen, and select all of your best-fit candidates with speed and efficiency. All from a single solution. The way hiring is meant to be.

  • Workforce Talent Acquisition

Hire smart using Kronos Workforce Selection™ next generation employee assessments and selection science to minimize subjectivity in the selection process, to help you accurately predict a candidate’s likelihood of success in a given job role.

  • Workforce Selection

Two sets of hiring tools. One platform. Tailored to the demands of field managers and recruiters who have to hire a mix of hourly and salaried workers.

Built for speed and fluidity. With sourcing, selection, hiring, onboarding and advanced analytical tools — for both hourly and salaried — that automate tasks and free up time. You get robust functionality without sacrificing ease of use.

Exceptional candidate experience. Creatively market your brand. Let your candidates know you’re a smart, savvy company with links to social media like Facebook®, LinkedIn™, and Twitter™ — right from your career site.

Labor Analytics:

Tired of budget surprises? Are results showing up in the books before you can react? To control labor costs and hit performance targets, you need visibility.

You need to understand the hidden causes of overtime, absenteeism, and low productivity. But outdated reports and complex spreadsheets won’t suffice. You need answers — not just data.

If this sounds familiar, maybe you don’t have the right kind of workforce analytics.

Kronos® Workforce Analytics™ helps you organize your timekeeping data so you can find the root causes behind labor cost and performance problems. Your managers can make informed decisions and quick adjustments to reduce costs and improve results — long before the quarterly books are closed. Explore Kronos labor analytics software:

  • Workforce Analytics
  • Workforce Analytics for Healthcare
  • Workforce Analytics for Manufacturing
  • Workforce Analytics for Retail


  • Complete automation: We engineer fully integrated solutions to eliminate error-prone manual processes. Our solutions are configurable so they’re easy to implement, scale, and maintain. Plus, we automate all your workforce management business processes – and that saves managers and employees time.
  • High-quality information: We deliver real-time access to detailed information – the kind of information managers need to make better decisions.
  • Easy to own: We get you up and running fast so you can start saving money sooner. And our solutions are easy to use; 30 million people use a Kronos system every day.
  • The experience you expect: We deliver what you’re looking for in a service partner. The expertise to provide you with a strong start for early success, continuous value throughout our partnership, and innovative and educational ways to help you work smarter.


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