Manage Your Projects Efficiently with our Project & Program Management Services.
Utilize our services for on-going support and maintenance purposes.

OCSHI understands the need to have an accurate and shared understanding of project goals and hence we follow a clear cut structure that ensures participation from both the sponsor and the stakeholder.

For all our projects, we work in close partnership with our clients’ management teams, helping them shape and implement ideas. We believe in having a clear understanding of our client’s goals and objectives so that we are able to provide solutions that are robust and scalable.

Once the requirements are clearly laid out, we ensure that our clients enjoy good visibility of the process. Each client is provided with the option to track the status of their project and access project plans and documentation at any point of time.

Quality at OCSHI is a continual process and it applies to all phases of the project and to all artifacts and deliverables – including documentation and internal procedures. Each project concludes with a post-project review in order to make best use of the lessons learned. Even post-delivery, most clients use OCSHI’s services for on-going support and maintenance.

We Believe in your growth with Manage Your Projects Efficiently